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Countless books apply Sun Tzu‘s The Art of War to everything from climbing the corporate ladder, to romantic relationships, to conquering the local barista who insists on ruining ever single one of your days before it even begins. 

Why this philosophy has never been applied to cybersecurity — that I’ve seen — is completely beyond my comprehension. While I could pat myself on the back for making this connection, there is another connection I feel should earn me for more recognition and respect.  Like most people, I view C-level executives with a mix of bemusement and disgust but if any Chief of Cybersecurity ran a ship as tight as Peter Anspach ran his super-villain lair, that company or organization would never be in the headlines for anything, let alone for some security breach caused by some incompetent stormtrooper … I mean … incompetent mid-level administrator. 

And so begins our quest for, frankly, not giving a shit if people get grumpy about having to change their passwords. We’re here to protect our data, profit, business, and jobs, not somebody’s good mood.

Too old? Too scared? No money to buy equipment or classes? No time?

This course is for you.

Create Learning Experiences that are both engaging and effective.

Not only eLearning but in the classroom, and also creating engaging and effective relationships when "teaching" someone about yourself in the interview process or, as an employer, during the onboarding process.