Video Samples

Communication Crossfit Intro

Borrowed books about distasters for the Call for Code Hackathon focusing on software-based software solutions.

Communication and Healthcare Outcomes

Annual event where I maybe get to contribute but definitely learn something -- and earn some way cool swag -- every year.

Customer Service Now

I've bought at least two PineWatches learning how they work, buying new gadgets to work with the old gadgets. I've learned more about how computers work than software or programming, but that's pretty cool, too.

Customer Service Then

Of everything I worked on at Tampa General Hospital, these animated shorts were the projects that were the most collaborative. True team efforts. Fun. Everything education and going to work is supposed to be.

Orientation Then

It's almost embarrassing how much this show inspires me in my personal and professional life.

History of Little Caesar's

Descriptive, captivating, intro.